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…and we believe that everyone has musical ability in them at any age. Everyone loves music! Whether or not you think you can sing, dance or play an instrument, you can participate in our music classes for kids.
So if you want to make music…


The Tot Rock & Rock ‘N Me music classes for kids combine informal music education with performance based learning. Our preschool music programs are designed to introduce children and adults to the world of music using group participation and directed performance. It is also designed to encourage children, parents, siblings and friends to bond through musical experiences, like musical crafts and concerts for kids.

Little Rockers takes into consideration the discerning musical tastes of today’s parents and strives to bring a contemporary Rock and Pop style to the class experience.  The “Kindie Rock” movement is in full swing around the country and parents are enjoying their kid’s music more than ever.

The Little Rockers Band offers music the whole family can “Rock Out” to, so get ready to shake some eggs, tap your rhythm sticks or dance around with scarves to some awesome tunes in our Mommy and Me music classes!

In addition to the collection of original material used in class, the program CDs and curriculum will feature popular rock songs familiar to all and act as a bridge between what we already know and what we can learn.

In our safe and encouraging music classes for kids, we want to help children and their parents play, learn and grow through music exploration. Getting children to love music and to learn how to Rock at a young age is a joy.  It is an exciting experience to watch a child’s musical understanding grow. It is equally thrilling to witness parents bonding with their children through music they know and enjoy as well.

By encouraging parents to make music a part of their family activities, children reap the benefits in their intellectual and social development. We strive to create music appreciation and a foundation that will carry over into formal instrument lessons after Kindergarten.

The Little Rockers Band does awesome family rock shows, music classes and school assemblies – even concerts for kids.  Everyone has fun making music!

Are you looking for low stress, high-energy Mommy and Me music classes?  It’s time for The Little Rockers Band! We offer classes for children of all ages, and we’re the best when it comes to children’s party entertainment.  CALL OR EMAIL TO FIND OUT ABOUT DOING A FREE DEMO CLASS!