LITTLE ROCKERS classes are designed to get families singing, dancing and rocking out together in a fun, relaxed setting.

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All classes are 45 minutes once a week. Discounts for multiple classes and siblings.


Baby Bop – Hold them close and get your groove on!
45 minute Parent/Child class for ages newborn to 6 months.
Before they are even walking, we’ll have you both up and dancing with this unique new mommy and me class. Low impact movement for new moms to get some exercise while wearing baby to promote bonding and well being in an active musical musical setting. 

$150 for 10 week session



Tot Rock INFANTS – The first step in your child’s musical development.
45 minute Parent/Child class for Newborn to 9 months.

Precursor to our popular Tot Rock mixed age classes, this infants only class is a great way to get even the littlest rockers in the band. It is a more subdued class for moms to get out of the house and meet other new moms. Class will include tummy time, back time and sit up time and will begin to introduce babies to music and movement in a safe and comfortable environment. Light massage and warm up of their limbs, beginning to grip and hold small instruments, using props to encourage eye movement and tracking as well as light movement with mommy. This class recommended for under 9 month olds, not yet walking or just starting to crawl. 

$150 for 10 week session- $125 for additional siblings


Tot Rock MIXED AGES – The next step in your child’s musical development.
45 minute Parent/Child class for ages 3 months to 5 years. Mixed age classes are great for siblings, cousins and friends to participate together.  

This is the classic Little Rockers class everyone’s talking about! Tot Rock is the best interactive music class for you & your kids. We use a mix of our original kids songs from our CDs as well as a selection of kid friendly classic rock songs to get everyone singing, dancing and playing instruments together.

$225 for 10 week session- $125 for siblings (Under 6m free with registered sibling)




If your child has been asking for lessons or is showing a strong interest in playing an instrument but is not quite ready for a private lesson, we have a class for them. Group lessons are a great starting point for kids who have never taken a music lesson or are not quite ready for a one on one focussed setting. Classes are fun, varied and engaging.

All classes are 60 minutes once a week for 10 weeks. Discounts for multiple classes and siblings. 

$275 for one child, $150 for sibling or second class

Rock N’ Me – Their first chance to rock-out on their own. 
60 minute pre-school drop off class.
Rock N’ Me 1 is geared to ages 2.5 to 4 and is basically Tot Rock with a slightly more challenging lesson plan. This class is designed to be a child’s first class without a parent with an emphasis on counting, singing and co-operating with others in a musical setting, plus musical arts & crafts and movement.

Rock N’ Me 2 is geared to ages 4 and 5 years and begins to introduce kids to simple musical concepts like rhythms, notes and counting. Each class session will focus on a different instrument: Guitar, Piano, Drums, etc and will incorporate weekly handouts designed to get them ready for more formal instrument classes or lessons. The Mixed Age class is designed for siblings, cousins and friends of varying ages to rock out together.  



Instrument Boot Camp – 4-6yrs

Your kid wants to play an instrument but they’re not sure which one. This is the class for them. Five 2 week modules will introduce kids to various instruments to see what the gravitate toward and provide a base for lessons. Students will learn theory basics and apply them to Piano, Guitar, Drums and Vocals with the goal of playing a simple song all together on the last day of class. This is the first step toward private lessons, figuring out what they like.



GROUP Guitar – 4 -7yrs

The next step to private lessons – 60 minute kindergarten drop off class for ages 4 to 7 years

A group lesson that will gently introduce them to really playing the guitar. We cover strumming, counting rhythms, reading the music staff, learning the notes, string names and the musical alphabet.

Students need to bring a guitar of their own that is able to be tuned and that they will use to practice at home. You can borrow one of ours to try out the class. 8 STUDENT MAXIMUM CLASS SIZE



GROUP Piano – 4-7yrs

The next step to private lessons- 60 minute kindergarten drop off class for ages 4 to 7 years

A group lesson that will gently introduce them to really playing the piano. We cover counting rhythms, learning the notes and the musical alphabet, piano keys and reading the music staff, plus fun theory games.

Keyboards are provided in class, but students are encouraged to have access to a piano or electronic keyboard at home to practice on. 8 STUDENT MAXIMUM CLASS SIZE



Intro to Rock Band – Ages 6-9yrs

Band members will get to try all the instruments in the band. We’ll cover the basics of being in a band as they learn to play a song on different instruments. Students should have SOME experience playing an instrument. 





Acting Out! – Ages 5-7yrs

Intro to acting and the theatre. Working on self- expression, acting exercises, improvisation and using our imagination we will help the kids create characters and scenes.  The class focuses on a wide range of creative activities involving speech, creative movement and theatre games to help the ever growing mind of the creative kid! Plus, we will put on a short play for parents at the end of the session. Kids will memorize lines, wear a costume and learn blocking and movement on the stage. Fun!





Intro to Performing Arts – Ages 3-5yrs

Fun class for the little performer. This class explores different types of performing arts from music, there, dance and creative arts- giving young kids a basic understanding of each.  Kids will use their imagination, moves and skills to express themselves. We’ll learn a song with singing and basic choreography. Each week will include a different dramatic play situation: Visit an Ice cream shop, pet store, restaurant, grocery store, where the kids will perform the different roles and tasks associated with each one.






Lego Engineering Classes – Ages 3-9yrs

Snapology’s themed programs are designed to promote creative play, teamwork and social skills. Through the use of popular topics like Minecraft, Star Wars & Superheroes, students are engaged in a variety of theme-focused activities while learning engineering and math principles. Snapology’s goal is to put purpose to their building through blueprinting and idea sharing.Our themed programs use LEGO® bricks, K’Nex  and other interactive building toys to engage children and spark their creativity.

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