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LITTLE ROCKERS CLASS –  Two musicians (Chris & Jessie) This scaled down show is based on our popular cool kid’s music classes. Chris & Jessie lead the kids in a variety of age appropriate activities. We’ll have the kids counting, singing, dancing, moving and playing instruments throughout the whole performance. We bring acoustic guitars, a small speaker and enough instruments for groups/classes up to about 30 kids. Perfect for ages 2-5 years.
One 45 minute performance or two or more 30 minute performances to split up larger groups.


KINDIE ACOUSTIC DUO – Two musicians (Chris & Jessie) This show is part class and part concert. The band sets up with a small PA, mics, band banners and colorful curtains for a visually stunning stage. We lay out foam puzzle mats for the kids to sit on, then we lead them in musical activities with instruments and movement for a totally unique rock show. Educational and Entertaining! Great for larger groups, up to about 60 kids or if there is a mix of ages up to 7 years.
One 45 minute performance or two 30 minute performances to split up larger groups


KINDIE ACOUSTIC TRIO – Three musicians (Chris, Jessie & Liam) This show features acoustic guitars, bass and percussion with a small PA system, mics, banners and curtains. The band sings a mix of original and classic rock favorites and leads the kids in musical activities with movement and directed instrument play (we provide the instruments). Also makes a great coffee house night, fundraiser, parent/child dance or holiday celebration.

45 to 60 minute show.


Our interactive band show is a real electric rock concert! The four Little Rockers Band members come equipped with guitars, bass, drums, keys, vocals and a full PA system to get the house rockin’.  This 60 minute set of our original songs and classic rock favorites is appropriate for all ages.   The bands banners and colorful back drops give the stage a great look. We get the crowd involved with movement activities and a variety of instruments for the kids to play along with the band. At the end of the show, we hand out stickers and the kids can take pictures with the band and try out the band’s instruments. Geared to under 8 year olds, but fun and engaging for all ages.
45 or 60 minute show.


Our KINDIE shows are perfect for company family fun days, community festivals and fairs, fundraiser events, end of the year or end of season shows or just a cool night out for families.

Contact us for current rates and booking schedule –
732-872-4354  –  rockout@littlerockersmusic.com