Looking for a cool program
for your school or library?

The Little Rockers Band has the perfect show for your kids and families.
 Have a cool acoustic performance/music class at your school, pre-school or library or book a full band rock concert for your back to school night, holiday party or end of the year celebration


Nursery & Pre-K – (Acoustic Show/Class)   Chris & Jessie perform with acoustic guitars, a small PA, speakers and microphones. Part class/Part concert, this show engages the kids with clapping and counting, dancing and playing with the band on age appropriate instruments that we supply for the group. Fun, Interactive and educational.



Pre-K & Kindergarten – (Acoustic show). In addition to a cool concert, during this show we introduce the little ones to simple concepts such as rhythmic counting and clapping, the different instruments in a band and the parts of the guitar. We hand out various instruments to the kids to play along with the band. A little quieter and more interactive for this age group. 3 musicians perform with acoustic guitars, a small PA, speakers and microphones. No loud amps or drums, but energetic and fun.


ROCK YOUR SCHOOL! – Concert/Assembly – 

Kindergarten to 3rd grade – (Electric show) For the bigger kids, in addition to a cool concert, we focus on ideas like the band working as a team, and concepts like rhythm, tempo, music notes and the musical alphabet. Super cool! 4 musicians play electric guitars with small amplifiers, a drum set, PA, speakers and microphones. A little louder and more energetic. Plus, we bring eggs, sticks, tambourines and more to let the kids join the band. A true interactive experience for up to 150 kids



Contact us for current rates and booking schedule –
732-872-4354  –  rockout@littlerockersmusic.com