Looking for a cool new program
for your school assemblies?

The Little Rockers Band has the perfect show for your kids and families.
Book a full band rock concert for your camp or beach club or how about a more intimate acoustic performance at your school or pre-school?

ROCK YOUR SCHOOL! - Concert/Assembly
Two versions of this assembly are available, both are about 60 minutes. Prices vary: 

Pre-K to 1st grade. (Acoustic show). In addition to a cool concert, during this 60 minute show we introduce the little ones to simple concepts such as rhythmic counting and clapping, the different instruments in a band and the parts of the guitar. We hand out various instruments to the kids to play along with the band. A little quieter and more interactive for this age group. 3 musicians perform with acoustic guitars, a small PA, speakers and microphones. No loud amps or drums. Appropriate for about 75 kids

1st grade to 4th grade. (Electric show) For the bigger kids, in addition to a cool concert, we focus on ideas like the band working as a team, and concepts like rhythm, tempo, music notes and the musical alphabet. Super cool! 4 musicians play electric guitars with small amplifiers, a drum set, PA, speakers and microphones. A little louder and more energetic for up to 150 kids. 
- Same day multiple performance discount available

Contact us for current rates and booking schedule -
732-872-4354  -


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