Again. Again. Again?? Repetition, kids and music class

Yes- it seems like it’s getting old but your child wants to hear the same song over and over again. (“Hello Hey”, anyone?) Why? Because repetition helps children to learn.  They need repetition to grow and develop, particularly with learning.  … Continued

How to throw the BEST kids party ever!!

Little Rockers does about a million parties a year. Well, not really, but it feels like it. We do A LOT of parties. Ask around NJ because most likely you’ve been to a children’s party where we’ve been the entertainment or … Continued

Singing Babies!!

Yes, I heard it today when 6 month olds Maddie and Mia were playing the guitars and we were singing our opening song, “Hello Hey”. They aren’t singing the words, of course, but they are vocalizing and making sound.  And loudly!  … Continued

Why Bring a Baby to a Music Class?

I know that to some it may sound crazy. “What’s a six month or even three month old going to learn from a music class?” “Aren’t they just little balls of dough?”  “What can they get out of going to … Continued

How I ended up in kids music…

I keep hearing these reports and discussions about the job market and it’s competitiveness. Educated and qualified young adults are coming out of college and not being able to find a job in their chosen field.  Too many people, not … Continued

What is the “Kindie Rock” movement?

You’ve probably heard of “Indie Rock,” but how about “Kindie Rock”? It’s a lot more popular than you might imagine. The most popular new trend involves creating rock music for kids – it “melds the sensibility of the singer-songwriter with … Continued