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Chris & Jessie Apple started The Little Rockers Band in 2008. Both have worked extensively in their fields until teaming up in 2007 to write music for kids and their parents that mixes their unique styles. Jessie is a little bit Broadway and Chris is a little bit Rock & Roll. Rounding out the band are Liam and Billy, who you might describe as a little bit Country and a little bit Cuckoo. Together, they write songs that mix a strong sense of melody with jangly, funky rock rhythms. The four personalities are about as different as you could get, but somehow, their tastes combine to create some terrific tunes.

The music is an eclectic mix of styles from the 50’s to the 80’s and everything in between. The songs are written with a cool kid’s perspective and are produced in a contemporary style for parents. They take their music seriously, even though they’re all pretty silly. And we think Liam said it best in describing the band: “We may be playing songs for kids, but we write and record them so that we would love listening to them. If you write a good song, it doesn’t matter who its supposed to be for, anyone can enjoy it” There you have it.

Their live set is equal parts rock concert and musical theater. The show is a stage adaptation of the Little Rockers Band TV show. The first webisodes of this educational kid’s show will be released in October 2012.

As with their classes, the TV show and concert is designed to educate kids as well as parents about different aspects of music: counting, the musical alphabet, songwriting, performing with others, and so on. The songs also feature stories about different characters who will appear on the TV show: Phil The Fish, Stinky Pete The Pirate, Sid the Rocker Dog and Nobody’s Cat.

Their CDs, Ready For Rockin’, and Playing In The Band are currently available through their website ( as well as internet retailers iTunes music store,, and

The band has several music videos as well as their first webisode posted on their YouTube channel.


Visit The Little Rockers Band Home Page to learn more about music classes, concerts, the artists involved and merchandise.



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