Little Rockers HQ
73 W. Washington Ave
Atlantic Highlands, NJ 07716

Email or call for all inquiries including:
Class and registration info, party questions and booking,
band event booking for assemblies and concerts or to just say hi!

ATTENTION Bands/Artists! – Little Rockers has partnered with to create a cool 24 hour kid’s radio station. We will be featuring a variety of kindie bands as well as talk segments, interviews, live performances and more. We’d love to include your music on our show, which will be in 24 hour rotation all around the world! Please submit a hard copy of any CD you would like considered for airplay. Indicate up to 3 song choices per disc and include a 1 sheet with info on the group or project to the address above. The station is now live. Click the player above right to tune in.

Follow this link to a questionnaire about your band or project. We’ll include your info in our weekly shows and eventually arrange an on air interview.
KLR.FM – Little Rockers Radio Submissions

Send CDs, One-Sheets and any other promo material to:
Little Rockers Radio
73 W Washington Ave
Atlantic Highlands, NJ 07716

KiDzHuB is a non profit company based in New Jersey that teaches kids to be broadcasters, giving young people a global voice. Check out to see what they’re all about.  

Thanks and rock on!


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