Getting kids and parents to rock out together is what we’re all about!

If you’re already coming to class, we thank you for making us a part of your family time! If you haven’t done a class with us, give it a shot!
Its a new and different way to bond with your child through rock music.

This section will grow with informative articles regarding music and your child, helpful tips on how to relate to them musically and what to look out for in their musical development.

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The Benefits of Music for Children
As science fairs all over the world will attest, music is good for living things. Plants grow more quickly and more fully when their owners play music for them. But the benefits of music for children are even greater than a couple of inches in height.

Sunday November 16, 2014 

Music Lessons in childhood help young brains develop – Huffington Post Article

Thursday, July 5th, 2013
Should You Spank?
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