party preparation

Little Rockers does about a million parties a year.

Well, not really, but it feels like it. We do A LOT of parties.

Ask around NJ because most likely you’ve been to a children’s party where we’ve been the entertainment or you know someone who has been to a party where we’ve been the entertainment.  We get around.  In a good way 🙂  And because we are super experienced, I am super confident in my ability to list the things to do to make a kids birthday party super successful.

Call these party rules for a kids party.

  1. Make sure you schedule the party for when you’re child will be awake and at their best.  I cannot tell you the amount of parties we go to that are scheduled around the adults timing.   Maybe your party is mostly adults so you don’t really think it will matter but if you want your adorable 1 year old to be his best in pictures and to see Grandma and Grandpa then do it on his schedule.  Otherwise, you will be dealing with a tired, cranky baby and YOU will not be able to enjoy yourself either.  If your child sleeps at weird times for adults then be creative with your food options.  We’ve been to breakfast birthday parties, late night parties for older kids, etc.  What time of the day will your child be happiest?  That should be the thought.
  2. Don’t be afraid to throw a “non traditional” birthday party.  Like I said we’ve done breakfast parties where the kids eat bagels and the parents drink Bloody Marys or playdate parties during the week where it’s a smaller group of just moms.  Playdate parties are an easy way to celebrate a birthday and do something easy.  Or you can just do a cupcake party.  (You can even have the kids decorate the cupcakes themselves.)  Your local pizza place, frozen yogurt shop or diner can also be good options of places to have your kids party.  They can also help to keep the party quick, easy and lower cost.
  3. Make sure you have enough space for the people you are inviting and for the entertainment to perform.   You do not need to spend a lot of money and have a party in a huge banquet hall (although that is nice too) but you do need to have room for all of your guests to move around comfortably, especially guests with children.  Kids will not sit at a table for a full party so it helps if there is some space for them to move.  Maybe put some toys out in a section of the room to keep them busy in between food and entertainment.
  4. Put on some tunes!!

    Little children singing, dancing in disco club

    We do music entertainment for kids so I think people hire us and forget to bring their own music to play as background for their party.  This is such a mistake!   Nothing is more boring than walking into a party without music on.  We all have a music device.  And we all have small speaker or stereo to play music on.  BRING IT! Even if you’re at a banquet hall or large venue.  Bring your own music.  Make it fun!  It doesn’t have to be just kids music playing, although that’s great too.  Put on Sinatra, or The Beatles, or even Katy Perry.  Actually, put a mix of all three and you will have every generation at the party feeling energized and happy.  Music puts us all in a good mood so do your party right and bust out the tunes!!   Having trouble making a playlist of songs? One of my favorite music apps is Songza (  There are a ton of playlists on there to help you set the mood for your party.  Or you can always download music from The Little Rockers Band on iTunes and jam out to us 🙂

  5. Have activities for kids-  Yes, you will probably have entertainment at your party in one form or another.  Maybe it’s a musician, magician, or character in costume (if I see one more Elsa…) either way this will only be a small portion of your party so have some other, inexpensive activities at your party.  If the kids can be outside on a swingset that’s great but with inclement weather and parties in venues this is not an option so have activities.  Some coloring books, crayons, crafts, board games, or toys.  The more creative the better.

    5a. Have some activities for older kids, too. Please let me once go to a party where the teens are engaged and not in a corner looking miserable playing on their phones!!   Let’s have something for those poor teens and tweens at your party.  You usually have stuff for the toddlers and drinks for the grownups but the teens get left out.  Maybe have something entertaining and interactive for them like board games.  Anyone up for a game of Uno, Connect Four, or Jenga?  Easy and inexpensive activities to have for older kids will be a great way to have the energy flowing at your party.  I guarantee it will get the adults playing too.  If you are at home, you can even have a game room or space where you can set up your old Wii or Nintendo 🙂 for them to play with.  It’s better to have them interacting than zoning out in a corner.

    Group of joyful little kids having fun at birthday party. Isolated on white background. Holidays, birthday concept.

  6. Entertainment – It is not a requirement to have entertainment for a kids party, but it does make it a whole lot better for the kids.  Sometimes, people will just have an activity that involves free movement like a bouncy house.  Kids are familiar with that sort of thing so it helps to have some more stimulation and entertainment at a party.  Music is a great way to involve a variety of ages in an activity.  All kids love music and if you get someone with high energy it can keep everyone engaged. You can google “Kids party entertainers” in your area but there are also a few websites that help you book entertainment for childrens parties. One that we are listed on is called Gig Salad ( and it makes it really easy to look up party entertainers for any type of party.
  7. Having a theme – Having a theme is great but not necessary.  If your child likes a certain thing like Superheros or something then a theme could be fun but don’t drive yourself crazy.  Also, I firmly believe it you do have a theme then really go for it.  One time I was hired to a first birthday that was a “crazy hat” party and I was the only one wearing a hat, besides the cake being hat shaped.  So, if you say you’re going to do a theme then do it.  Have some stickers and balloons that relate to the theme.  Maybe some coloring books or banners with the theme.  Commit to your theme and make it real or don’t bother and just do some fun party decorations.

Now go rock that party!!