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The Little Rockers Band is always ready for rockin’! We perform rock and roll kids’ parties that can’t be beat.  Our party packages feature up to four Little Rockers Band members, who will lead your group in a variety of rock star activities.  We have a party show to fit any size event. From just a few kids to a full hall, our musicians can entertain any group. All our parties are appropriate for birthday kids 1 to 7 yrs.


*Descriptions are for private parties only.
For public shows, festivals, assemblies or ticketed events, see the “Assemblies” tab
and contact the office for pricing and availability

Check Out Jessie’s BLOG on how to throw the perfect party here:



**Please consult your venue and make sure they can accommodate a music activity and will have enough space for the band and the kids to move around. MINIMUM 8’X10′
**All outdoor parties must provide a covering for the band and kids. (Tent, gazebo, awning, Trees, etc) We provide mats or carpets for the kids to sit on.

Party Option 1 – INDIE ROCK Solo Class (1 Teaching Artist)
This rock and roll kids’ party option is appropriate for a smaller or more intimate setting. One Little Rockers Teaching Artist uses a mix of live and pre-recorded music to get the kids rockin’.  We provide our own small stereo, a variety of instruments and props to make the party extra special.  We lead music and movement activities designed to get kids of all ages involved using egg shakers, scarves, jingle bells, mini drums and other age appropriate instruments. This option works best with a smaller/more intimate group or younger children or in a small restaurant.
Appropriate for birthday kids 1 – 4 years.
SIZE:  4 to 14 kids
TIME: 45 or 60 minutes

**Halls, restaurants or other venues generally require 2 teachers, but if it is small enough space and group, this option may be feasible.
**This option is not available in NYC, Jersey City & Hoboken due to travel and logistics concerns, since we bring a lot of equipment.

SET-UP: Requires about 4′x 8′ of space for the musician plus space for the kids to play, access to 1 electrical outlet and about 10 minutes set up time.


Party Option 2 – CLASSIC ROCK Duo Class (2 Teaching Artists) (Most Popular Option)
Our basic Rock and Roll kid’s party/concert as featured in Time-Out NY Kids and based on our popular music classes.  Two Little Rockers Teaching Artists get the party started. We bring plenty of instruments, props and a small speaker to lead the kids in a number of rockin’ activities! This interactive show features a mix of live and pre-recorded music, and is perfect for your home or other party venue. We’ll have your kids singing, dancing and jamming with the band using eggs, sticks, drums, even mini guitars!
SIZE: 5 to 30 kids
This party option is suitable for a house, backyard, medium size restaurant/banquet hall or even a class room or school party.

TIME: 45 or 60 minutes
SET-UP: This option requires a minimum 4′x 8′ space for the band, plus space for the kids to dance and play, access to 1 electrical outlet and 10-15 minutes set up time.


Party Option 3 – KINDIE ROCK Duo Concert (2 Teaching Artists)
Chris & Jessie perform a live, interactive rock show for your guests. Part rock concert and part music class, the Apples will sing all your favorite Little Rockers tunes and few choice classic rock covers. The band uses a small PA with microphones to give it a real concert feel. Chris plays guitar with his special drum & bass foot pedal and sings. Jessie also plays guitar, sings and gets your kids into the groove by leading them in movement and music activities using sticks, drums, parachute, eggs, tambourines, and even mini-guitars!  This kids’ music birthday party option includes a small bandstand area with colorful curtains,back drops and band banners. Looks impressive and is totally interactive and fun for all ages.
Appropriate for birthday kids 1 – 6 years
SIZE: 15 to 50 kids
TIME: 45 or 60 minutes
SET-UP: This option requires a minimum 8′ x 6′ space for the band and additional 10′x 12′ space for the kids, plus access to 1 electrical outlet and about 45 minutes set up time.

Party Option 4 – KINDIE ROCK Trio Concert (3 Teaching Artists)
An intimate Rock Band experience, perfect for larger children’s music birthday party places: Three Little Rockers Band members (Jessie, Chris & Liam) set up with guitars, bass, percussion, mics and a small PA system and perform an interactive show of original and classic rock faves. Curtains and band banners complete the look. We get the kids playing in the band with various instruments as well, making it a concert/class experience.
Appropriate for birthday kids 1 – 7 years.
SIZE: 15 to 80 kids
TIME: 45 or 60 minutes
SET-UP: This option requires about 10′x 20′ space for the band and kids, access to 1 electrical outlet and 45 minutes set up time.***


Party Option 5 – LITTLE ROCKERS Full Band Concert (4 or 5 Piece Band)
The ultimate rock and roll kids’ party option, for the best Kindie Rock experience: the whole Little Rockers Band performs a full-on rock concert at your home or party venue. The four band members set up with drums, guitars, bass and keys with microphones and speakers and play an interactive show featuring original and classic rock faves. The bands banners and Back Drops give it a great look. This kids’ music birthday party is a little louder and lot more rockin’! The kids can take pictures with the band and try out the band’s instruments at the end of the show. It’s an awesome party experience they’ll never forget!
SIZE: Any size group
TIME: 60  minutes
SET-UP: This option requires a large space at least 12′x 20′ for the band and kids, access to 2 electrical outlets and 60 minutes set up time. Full PA set up required.
**Please contact us for full Show/Production Specs: 732-872-4354


Party Option 6 – ROCK & RAVE Combo Party (2 Teaching Artist/DJ/MCs) 
THINKING OF BOOKING A DJ? You can upgrade your Little Rockers party experience with more music and fun for everyone!
If you are planning to hire a DJ anyway, or just want to have great music for the whole event, let us handle the whole she-bang for one cost.
We can DJ up to 3 hours of fun dance music, perform an all live set of music doing popular “adult” songs, old and new, while everyone enjoys their meal, then when the kids start getting restless- it’s Little Rockers time!! 2, 3 and 4 hour options available. All options include carnival and music  games and craft coloring pages for the kids.

Options include:

  • 30-45 minutes of DJ cocktail music to start the day
  • 45 to 60 minutes of interactive Little Rockers music activities for the kids,
  • 30 to 60 minutes of live adult music during food service, featuring songs by Adele, Ed Sheeran, Beatles, Fleetwood Mac, and more from the 60’s through today. Plus, special requests.
  • 60-120 minutes of DJ dance party hits
  • Contemporary Karaoke Hits with instruments, props and microphones for the older kids
  • Something for everyone!

This is a terrific party option for events in a banquet hall, private facility or a back yard party where you are there for several hours and want music the whole time. We will also work with any other vendors you bring in: face painters, balloon makers, magicians, characters, bubble show, etc and help them with their music accompaniment to make it a seamless and amazing experience.

SIZE: Any size group

2 hour party $650 and up 
3 hour party $850 and up
4 hour party $1100 and up
TIME: 2 to 4 hours, the length of the whole party
SET-UP: This option requires a minimum 8′ x 6′ space for the band/DJ and additional 10′x 12′ space for the kids (Dance Floor), plus access to 1 electrical outlet and about 60 minutes set up time.
**Inquire for exact pricing since it varies based on length of party time, different music options and travel.



  • We can perform at any children’s birthday party indoors or outdoors:
  • Living rooms, play rooms, restaurants, banquet halls, outdoors on your patio, in your yard or at a park or even in your child’s class room at school.
  • Plan to have the music begin 30 to 60 minutes after the start of the party. If food will be served first, we recommend at least 60 minutes. If music is the first activity of the day, 30 minutes is appropriate.
  • We usually ask for at least a 10′x 12′ area to set up and have room for the kids to move around and dance. Of course the size of your group should be a factor in how much space we will need to accommodate everyone.
  • There should be one electric outlet within 10 feet of our area. We usually have extension cords on hand, but may need to make other arrangements for longer distances or outdoor locations.
  • Let us know if the floor is hardwood or tile and we will provide soft foam puzzle mats for the kids to sit on.


  • What type of activities can we expect?
    We bring a variety of instruments and props from our classes: Egg Shakers, Sticks, Tambourines, Hand Drums, Triangles, Bells, Scarves, Parachute, Mini-Guitars, etc. The activities are determined by the ages of the kids and size of the group. Expect to sit & stand, sing & dance and have an awesome jam session. Grown-Ups, too!
  • What music will be performed at the party?
    We do a mix of our original songs and some classic rock faves from our classes, CDs and music videos. We’ll start with our theme song, “Hello, Hey” and pair the different instruments with appropriate songs. Our music is very upbeat and energetic and designed for maximum fun. Have a special request? We’ll do our best to include it, but as a rule, we do not perform any music from DISNEY, NICKELODEON, SESAME STREET or other TV or MOVIE soundtracks due to legal and licensing issues.
  • When will my performer(s) arrive?
    Your Teaching Artists will arrive 15-20 minutes before the performance time to check in, set up and get ready to rock.


  • How many kids are you expecting, approximately?
    This helps us determine how many instruments to provide.
  • What is the age range of the kids? Mostly babies? Toddlers? Older kids?    This helps us plan appropriate activities for your group.
  • What time is the party starting and ending?
    We recommend having music begin 30 to 60 minutes after the start of the party OR 60 minutes before the end.
  • How do I confirm my booking?
    An email correspondence from us holds the booking. An  e-signed contract finalizes the booking.
  • Payment: We don’t require a deposit, but ask for payment on the day of the performance. Cash or checks payable to: Little Rockers. Please have payment ready upon arrival.
  • We ask for at least 48 hours notice for cancellations.
  • What happens in case of inclement weather (outdoor parties)?
    We can easily relocate to an indoor location or adjust our start time, *if we are are not booked before or after your confirmed time. But please note:


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