baby and glasses

I know that to some it may sound crazy.
“What’s a six month or even three month old going to learn from a music class?”
“Aren’t they just little balls of dough?”  “What can they get out of going to a class?”

I remember when Chris and I first started Little Rockers we went to a free business advisor at the local library to ask questions about starting a business.  The older gentleman was an experienced business owner but he pretty much laughed at us when we told him we were starting a business to teach music classes to babies (and toddlers).

“What can a baby do in a music class?” he scoffed.  We proceeded to try to win him over but it didn’t matter if he got it because we got it.  We saw what babies can do in a music class and actually it’s not about what they can do it’s about how they progress.  That is the amazing part and that is why we have more and more babies coming to classes everyday.

I guess it seems obvious that when your child is a preschooler, and becomes older and active, classes can be a great way to help them develop and socialize.  There are a lot of Mommy and Me type classes out there like art, gym, dance- but music is my preferred kids activity and I feel it’s the perfect one for infants.

 Ok, so I may be biased but here’s what I’ve learned about babies in our classes….

The power of observation

Actually, the cynics are right.  A baby really can’t do much in a music class.  Well, not like older children can.  The older children dance, sing, play instruments and interact with their grown ups in a musical way.  However, I think the infants (under one year) are actually doing a lot for their age in class.  The babies are always so observant.  They take everything in.  They watch the older kids run, sing, dance and play and it gives them a model to work off of.  They can see what other kids do and it challenges them to try.

Yes, it’s true- the babies are watching to learn.

To learn how to behave. How to walk, move, talk….and they do it in music class. Sure, they watch mom and dad walk and talk but to observe their own little peers jumping and dancing inspires them!  It’s beautiful to see.

Sweet kids playing music with xylophone

Make friends

Taking a class can become a mini community because the children and adults get used to each other.  Once we are in a comfortable environment we become more willing to explore new things.  After a few weeks of classes you can see everyone (grown ups included) become more familiar and become more daring. All of the children will dance around more and try new moves.  They make more sounds and you can even hear them start to sing.  Beyond that it will let your baby interact with others.  This is crucial in development.  Don’t we all want well adjusted and socialized children? By exposing a baby to others in a class setting it socializes them to the customs of our society and sets a routine.

Baby Bonding

Taking a class, music in particular, with your infant will help you bond with your baby in a way you might not normally do at home.  We explore different sounds, movements and ideas that one might not think to do on their own.  You are also creating a new activity with your baby.  You are sharing a musical experience.  Taking the time to bond in an outside environment, learning how to be social together.  Learning together how to interact with new babies and people.  It can be a really unique experience to share with your baby.  It really is about the feeling you share with your baby and learning how to understand each other.  Music class just gives you another way to bond. A way to interact with your baby in a creative and fun way.


They will do as little as they can or as much as they can but you will watch them progress like crazy.  Our Little Rockers classes run in 10 week sessions so you can see huge development in the babies from the beginning to the end of the two months.  Just last week I was telling a mom that it’s amazing how much her baby developed in just 8 weeks of class.  Little Eva is trying to walk and she’s only 6 months old!! And Hannah is only 10 months and is singing so loud in class (no words yet) but she sings along with us so loudly in class that it makes us all giggle with delight.

pretty rapper with microphone

 Try it, you’ll like it

When you take a consistent music class with your baby there is an obvious change.  The progress can be quite amazing.   Yes, they will be doing all of the things that you expect when they develop, like crawl or move around.  But when you hear them talking more or trying to walk because they observe other children doing it then you will know the power of music class.  They start to repeat the things they’ve learned (just like in school for older children).  They start to do the things that we do each week or sing sounds when you play the CD from class.  It becomes familiar to them and in familiarity we learn.  The babies learn, I promise you.  They may not be able to sing full songs but they are learning in their own little way and as a parent you will see how they grow from music class.  Give it a try.