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General Band Bio Copy

Chris & Jessie Apple started The Little Rockers Band in 2009. Both had worked extensively in their fields until teaming up in 2008 to write music for kids and their parents that mixes their unique styles.

Jessie has a Broadway background, and started performing professionally by the age of 12.   She has been in Regional, Off Broadway and Broadway shows- getting her start in children’s theatre, which she now finds herself bringing to Little Rockers.

Chris has been rocking since he was a kid, as a cast member on the Nickelodeon TV show, “Don’t Just Sit There”.  His many bands have had their share of success- touring across the world, playing with legendary artists such as The Wailers, R.E.M. and Widespread Panic and even being nominated for a Latin Grammy! But one of his greatest experiences was doing a USO tour for troops in the Middle East with latin rockers deSoL. Recently, Chris was invited to play bass for the classic rock band, Badfinger, performing their hit album Straight Up around the US.

Together, The Apples write songs that mix a strong sense of melody with jangly, funky rock rhythms. They bring upbeat, high energy and interactive shows to families by including the kids into the show and making everyone a part of their band!

The music is an eclectic mix of styles from the 50’s to the 90’s and everything in between. The songs are written with a cool kid’s perspective and are produced in a contemporary style for parents. Even though the Little Rockers Band can be pretty silly, they take their music very seriously.

Guitarist, Liam Moroney said it best in describing the band: “We may be playing songs for kids, but we write and record them so that we would love listening to them. If you write a good song, it doesn’t matter who its supposed to be for, anyone can enjoy it” There you have it.

General Band Press Release –

The Little Rockers Band performs original and popular rock tunes with an eclectic mix of styles that kids and parents will want to rock out to. The “Kindie-Rock” movement is in full swing around the country and parents are enjoying their kid’s music more than ever. Little Rockers takes into consideration the discerning musical tastes of today’s parents and strives to bring a contemporary Rock and Pop style to the stage and their music classes and assemblies.

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