CMI-Cover-72Count Me In! makes for a refreshing new sound. Chris & Jessie Apple are at it again with a medley of songs that are as diverse as its listening audience….Count Me In! contains plenty of catchy, sing-alongs that are easy on the ears and age-appropriate for the preschool crowd…each track invites young listeners to use their imaginations and dream big. –The Talking Walnut, April 2014

The title track is an enthusiastic song with a spoken word chant that teaches kids counting and rhythm. Though the song genres range, all 11 songs are fun, upbeat, and enthusiastic. –The Toy Insider, February 2014

“…there are plenty of great tracks for kids to enjoy, and this is something parents won’t mind hearing over and over again either. –L.A. Family Magazine, April 2014

“…The album is a mixture of all kinds of styles from rock to country all thrown into the genre of kids music. It’s peppy, fun, and creative in that the band throws you a twist every now and then. My favorite of all of them was the cover of Paul Simon’s Me & Julio Down By The School Yard. I’ve never heard a more amazing cover of this song in my life. –, March 2014

Playing In The Band – They’re second album builds on the styles of the Ready For Rockin’ and kicks it up a notch. The title track is a catchy number that teaches all about the different parts of the band and gets you playing along. “Blame It on My Sister” is dedicated to every big brother or sister with a mischievous streak and a baby sibling to take the rap. Part 2 in our Opposites series is “No, No, No,” picking up where “Opposite Friends” left off on Ready For Rockin’. All around, there are crunchy guitars, Island rhythms and funky beats. Rounding it all out is “Talkin’ Bout Love” – a 70′s style Americana ballad sung beautifully by Jessie. Check out the music videos for “Playing in the Band and Shakin’ Shakin’ on our videos page.”



Ready for Rockin’ – This debut album is full of contagious melodies, eclectic styles, and funky rhythms in the true spirit of rock, that both parents and kids will want to rock out to.  From storytelling songs like “Stinky Pete the Pirate” and “Phil the Fish”, or spunky kids’ anthems like, “All by Myself” and “Go Somewhere,” these tunes will be an instant favorite in any toddler’s playlist. Check out the music video for “I Wanna Go Somewhere”.